The Need to Democratise AI

The responsible and ethical use of AI is a subject that is close to my heart. As well as my speech at the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI last year, I was also asked to write an article for Medium on the subject, which has now published. (Although it is behind their paywall, non-subscribers can read up to three articles a month free). To give you a feel for the piece, this is the most highlighted section so far: “This shift toward ‘democratic A.I.’ has three main principles: that all society will be impacted by A.I. and therefore its creators have a responsibility to build open, fair, and explainable A.I. services; that A.I. should be used for social benefit and not just for private profit; and that because A.I. learns from vast quantities of data, the citizens who create that data — about their shopping habits, health records, or transport needs — have a right to say and understand how it is used.” To read the full article (which takes just 5 minutes) you can click here. Let me know your thoughts.

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