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That Space Cadet Glow 4I publish a little newsletter called That Space Cadet Glow. Lovely stuff about science and creativity, including robots, AI, art, music and anything else that catches my eye each week. Snippets of juiciness with links to longer reads if you want to know more. It usually comes out a few times a month.

Here are links to a few recent issues (for the full archive, click here). Hope you enjoy them. If you haven’t signed up yet, just fill in the box you’ll see below or on the right.


What everyone else says about That Space Cadet Glow:

  • “I love looking forward to these newsletters, they have such a delicious variety of stuff in them.”
  • “This was really great Andrew”
  • “Thanks again for TSCG – always interesting read”
  • “I do love this.”
  • “I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your newsletter. I always read it.”
  • “These newsletters make me so happy.”
  • “I don’t always have the time to read these, but when I do, they are most welcome and informative.”
  • “Love your blog as always – video of Tesla crash avoidance and brainwave 3D arm movement are amazing and got strangely fascinated by the Swiss accordion player…”
  • “Andrew, these are great digests. Thanks.”
  • “I can’t read every one but I try to, more so than any other email I receive. Always interesting and I enjoy your writing a lot.”
  • “Digging your newsletters, keep em going!”
  • “Really enjoying That Space Cadet Glow.”
  • “Great newsletter!”
  • “This newsletter has just reduced me to tears (the engineer carrying guilt being soothed before the end of his life), terrified me (reminding me that work as we know it is disappearing before our eyes and in our lifetime), made me curious (the Steve Jobs link then took me to a whole new youtube channel I like the look of).  Keep ’em coming.”
  • “Another great issue – well done.”
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