Robotic Process Automation in Shared Services

Robotic Process Automation in Shared ServicesRobotic Process Automation in Shared Services: The Autumn issue of Professional Outsourcing Magazine is all about robots. And I’m very pleased to say that one of the lead articles was written by me – it’s all about the opportunities and risks for robotic process automation in shared services. (Spoiler alert: the opportunities are massive). With BPO providers not yet stepping up to the mark when it comes to RPA, the momentum and opportunities are with Shared Services. As I say in the article: “…for SSCs, automation is there for the taking – the benefits are significant and the risks low. To succeed, automation certainly needs to be baked into the overall strategy of the organisation, helping shape and inform the type of SSC and how it is organised. It is not an easy journey, but SSC owners that embrace this will be at the forefront of their field and the best friends of their parent business.” You can download a PDF of a collection of the robot articles, including mine, by clicking on this link.

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