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Automation at end of career Intelligent SourcingThe Autumn issue of Intelligent Sourcing Magazine (né Professional Outsourcing) is all about how outsourcing and automation can shape, benefit and impact the career lifecycle of an employee. I was asked to write about the trickiest part of that cycle – the final stage where an employee exits a company.

As I wrote in the piece: “People’s careers or jobs come to end for a variety of reasons, some of which are very positive but others can have negative connotations: it can certainly be a challenging time for both the employee and the employer. When the departure of employees is viewed through the lens of sourcing and automation, the situation becomes particularly complicated: these approaches can make the leaving process more effective and efficient, but are often the cause of the departure in the first place.”

The article considers the impact of sourcing and automation on the final stages of employment from the employers’ point of view, as well as the employees’.  You can read the full piece here.

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