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artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence promises to change the way that we live and work. I advise enterprises on how AI can be practically applied to their business and help them differentiate between the real value and the hype. I am an Advisory Board member at Celaton, an intelligent automation software provider.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is fundamentally changing the way people do business. This is Outsourcing v3.0.

I advise clients and service providers on their automation strategy, and how to prepare and exploit RPA and AI in their businesses. I am a strategic advisor for Symphony Ventures, a leading automation consultancy.

rpa andrew burgess RPA Andrew Burgess

Legal Services Transformation

I advise law firms and corporate legal departments on Legal Services Transformation and the application of AI and RPA to their functions. I am co-author, with the London School of Economics, of 'The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing: Risk and Opportunity' (Bloomsbury).

Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing (Bloomsbury)

Impact Sourcing

Impact Sourcing provides real work for disadvantaged people. I champion the use of Impact Sourcing and have written a paper with Loughborough University discussing the positive impact of technology and automation on Impact Sourcing.

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