The conversation is the relationship.

Doing business well can be difficult because the really important messages don't get through: they are poorly articulated, poorly written, poorly presented. The conversation is the relationship. Make the conversation count.


Consulting Services

I've been a Management Consultant for most of my career, working all over the world advising on change management, transformation, outsourcing and technology.

I now focus on a few specific areas, including robotic process automation, AI, legal services and disruptive sourcing.

Strategic Advice

I'm working with a number of firms as a strategic advisor. Some are focused around new technologies such as Robotics and AI (two of which have been named as Gartner Cool Vendors).

Others are in established sectors, such as legal, that are facing huge disruption to their business models.

All are young, ambitious firms trying to do things differently.

If that sounds like you, then perhaps we should talk?

Conference and event speaking

I am a regular speaker at conferences and company events, covering disruptive technologies including AI and RPA.

You can see some videos of me speaking on the Videos page, and see which public events I will be at on the Events page.

If you would like to discuss me speaking at one of your events, please get in touch through the Contacts page.

Academic Lecturing

I am Visiting Senior Fellow in AI and RPA at Loughborough University School of Business and Economics. I lecture post-graduate students on a range of subjects including business strategy, robotics and artificial intelligence.


Author of The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence, a non-technical guide to AI for business people, and The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing.

The Sheen Resistance

I let my creative juices flow at the weekend when I can be found DJing as one half of the Sheen Resistance, fighting the world of mediocrity in South West London using the power of disco.

We organise and run our own gigs across London and do occasional private parties.  If you want to strut that funky stuff, then do come along to our next gig.

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That Space Cadet Glow

A weekly-ish newsletter of interesting and curious stuff I have found on my travels: science, technology, robots, AI, sociology, music...

To read more and to sign up just go the 'That Space Cadet Glow' page here.

From my blog

Video: Starting Your AI Journey

As part of a panel discussion at Information Age‘s Tech Leaders Summit, I was asked to sum up a couple of areas that we had been discussing: how to start your AI and RPA journey, and what the future looks like for these two technologies. You can

Video: Starting Your AI Journey

The Need to Democratise AI

The responsible and ethical use of AI is a subject that is close to my heart. As well as my speech at the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI last year, I was also asked to write an article for Medium on the subject, which

The Need to Democratise AI

Keynote Talk on AI at ConTech18

I gave the keynote talk at the inaugural ConTech18 conference at the end of 2018. ConTech is a conference all about managing content, and with the industry is going through some huge changes as it embraces digital and now starts to exploit artificial intelligence, I talked about how AI

Keynote Talk on AI at ConTech18

Street Talk

Earlier this year I was visiting one of my AI partner companies, Seldon, who provide the best AI deployment platform in the industry right now. Andy Turner, their Business Development Manager, grabbed the opportunity for an ad-hoc interview with me around the streets of Shoreditch. Over 10 minutes we

Street Talk

Predictive Maintenance using AI – Case Study for MBNL

Data is at the heart of many artificial intelligent (AI) applications, and the source of considerable value to those who own and control it. But many data-rich organisations do not understand how to extract all that value from it.

This was the challenge facing Mobile Broadband Network Ltd (

Predictive Maintenance using AI – Case Study for MBNL

Speaking at the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI (APPG AI)

I was honoured to be able to provide evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI (APPG AI) at their session in October which focused on the impact of AI on trade. The meeting, which is held at the House of Commons, involves presenting a point of view

Speaking at the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI (APPG AI)
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    Charles Dickens
  • Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.

    Alan Watts
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